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Free Book: The True Value of a Woman
God Designed You for Greatness
What Is This Book About?
The True Value of a Woman is a book for women (and men) of all ages and from every walk of life. In this book, Bishop Larry Jackson presents life-changing principles that will enable women to break free from old mindsets in order to embrace God’s plan for their lives. He uses the Word of God to help them understand that God has ascribed great value to all women, no matter what their current or former station in life. This message is an eye-opener that gives rise to hope in the hearts of women whose life experience did not align with God's view of them.

In addition to discovering her true value, women can expect to learn the following:
· How God sees the man and his wife
· Getting your deepest emotional desires met
· Are you a competitor or a completer?
· Men’s attitude toward women
· The woman’s proper position
· One of the keys to having a blessed relationship
· And so much more
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"The True Value of a Woman: God Designed You for Greatness"
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Here's What Other's Are Saying:
  • This book was an eye opener. I heard Bishop Jackson speak on this topic at the Women's Iron Sharpens Iron conference and had to purchase the book. A group of friends and I read the book as a bible study. I wish I had known this as a young girl. Every woman should read this book and share the message with other every young woman in their lives.
  • I love this makes it plain and starts at the beginning of what God intended! Such a blessing! Perfect group study book for Women's Ministry.
  • I gave this book to my mom for Mother's day. She said his take on some things were different than what she had thought. She was thinking things over and would let me know what she comes up with.
  • This book was so informative. It caused me to look back at my relationships and realize the truth written. I agree with the principles stated. I had put some things that were written in action before I read this book and I recognize the reality of these truths. I recommend this book for married women who need to see the changes in their relationship that will bless and honor them.
  •  I found myself sharing what I read before I finished the book. It is pure wisdom undefiled. I recommend it to the single women so they know how they need to carry themselves putting first things first which are God and his purpose. It is life changing if you do what is written. I thank God for I expect greater of my marriage because of the keys I have seen reading this book.
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